Introducing the New Urbane Store February 26 2014

Hello Urbane Fans!

We bring you the latest and greatest Urbane store - over the past couple of weeks we have been getting feedback from fellow customers to suggest us with ways that they think our store could improve. These included many features that we were not able to incorporate into our previous website, such as sample item pictures and searching items by keyword.

Thus, we have partnered with our friends at Shopify to bring you a much more streamlined shopping experience - giving you better assurance that what you're buying is a quality product that you exactly expected to get.

In addition to our online store, we are also working on getting on products sold in physical locations throughout our showcase cities so that you can see these maps in person before deciding to buy. We know the feeling - it's difficult to purchase something that you have never seen in real life!

While we continue to expand, our store blog will showcase new stores and venues that will be selling our products, while new map posts and travel guides will continue to be published on our main website,

In the midst of all this change, however, one thing will not change: our friendly customer service and attention to individual detail. Even though we are not aiming to be the world's largest poster store, nor master the art of map publishing, we believe that posters present an exciting way of showcasing the unique discussions that we have had over the past year with our many contributors throughout the world.


Thanks again for all of your support - we are eternally grateful. Here's to maps!



The Urbane Team

Kevin, Trevor and Jared