About the Urbane Store

Welcome to the Official Map Store of Urbane, the only place where you can purchase maps that have been crafted and displayed by a unique neighborhood mapping process curated by the team members of Urbane (www.mapurbane.com).
Our team of three creates maps that replace ordinary placenames (ex., Beverly Hills) with social descriptions that are relatable to any general audience (ex., rich and famous). We began this back in 2012, when the three of us (an urban planner, a food critic, and a real estate broker) decided to get together in San Francisco and create a website that would help solve one unified purpose: creating maps that characterize physical places by social connotations. After many months of penniless income, our maps began spreading around the social media giants such as Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and Canada's national Global TV. In the long-run, our core mission is simple: we want to simplify the endless number of hours it takes for visitors and relocating families alike to identify the perfect neighborhood using info provided by local contributors who know their way around...all via a map-friendly process.
Currently we’re participating in The Downtown Project, a $350 million investment based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and focused on rebuilding community in downtown Las Vegas. We believe we are doing our part for the city by triggering community discussions on neighborhood identity: how do residents see their own neighborhood, and how does it contrast with visitors’ perspectives and viewpoints?

We hope that you will join us in our quest to make cities more legible places. It's time to end the confusion brought about by endless municipalities and streetnames - purchase a map and help a friend figure out their next place to live, work, or play :)

You can check out our individual biographies in greater detail at Urbane's Official About Page.